Dennis Egen 10/9


On Monday October 9th Temple Ad Club proudly welcomed Founder and President of Engine Room Technology, Dennis Egen. Engine Room is a technology company located in downtown Philadelphia that provides technical and security services for businesses like digital agencies and financial services that was founded only three years ago. Dennis described his company as “seasoned professionals, armed with equal parts business and technical know-hows who work behind the scenes to keep things running.” Dennis shared with us his previous work with a former company and work he has done at Engine Room along with seven tips and tricks to succeeding within your career.


Engine Room You Say?

Engine Room and its diverse executive board provides services like custom web applications and websites, content management systems (CMS), secure e-commerce, and technical consulting. Dennis emphasizes that even though they provide technical services, you do not need to be technical in that they do acquire many individuals with advertising backgrounds. In the past, Engine Room has provided work for companies like Digitas Health, 160over90, Comcast, WSFS Bank, CertainTeed, and Saint-Gobain. He mentions that although these companies may not sound so sexy, they are the leading innovators in marketing with their research and development.

Before founding Engine Room, Dennis previously worked with companies like eBay Enterprise, NASCAR, and Kate Spade. Very diverse, right? How cool! He then goes on to talk about his previous work with The Archer Group, an advertising agency in Wilmington, Delaware, where he worked as Chief Technology Officer. There, Dennis worked on different projects like creating the Wawa mobile ordering app and a Chase Credit Card app that tailored to people’s flying habits. Interesting! He also mentioned that he has done work with Temple University’s “Giving” website.


7 Golden Tips to a Successful Career

1.      Work hard: Dennis says that talent will only get you so far but pushing yourself everyday will lead to success and others will notice your hard work.

2.      Your job does not make you happy, you make you happy: There is intrinsic value in your work and at the end of the day you should feel good about the work that you have created and you should find value in that work.

3.      Love your clients: It is always important to respect your clients and understand that you wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

4.      Always be learning: Interact and listen to people, read a lot, and ask how you can help them not how they can help you.

5.      Expect to learn: What you learn in school may not be transferable in the work place, however, getting an internship will allow you to realize how you can learn and what your limits are before entering into the work force.

6.      Don’t chase Nike: Find clients that will value your work and focus on clients where you feel you will get the most value out of. Dennis gives an example about a time that he and his team stayed up all night to prove to a client that they could provide what they need and to this day that client still remembers what they did. Very fulfilling!

7.      There is no such thing as digital advertising: Dennis mentions he does like the term “digital advertising” because in today’s society, everything is digital. Digital is dead.


Thank You, Dennis

Before leaving, Dennis stressed the importance of getting an internship and putting yourself out there because it is very beneficial. He stated that Engine Room offers internships within development, project management, and testing. Those who do work for his company will be exposed to their entire portfolio.